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The Dark Knight
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Review by Robert Becka

Breaking records faster than your mom when she found your Slayer albums, The Dark Knight exploded onto screens across the country, and rightfully so.

The mood created by director Christopher Nolan's dark vision of Gotham perfectly fits the even darker tale, and serves to impress both film and comic book fans.

Starting soon after the end of Batman Begins, Dark Knight finds Bruce Wayne struggling to keep the city's growing crime rate under control while the underworld gets antsy, getting constantly ripped off by a new criminal named The Joker. District Attorney Harvey Dent uses the opportunity to try and bust the city's biggest crime lords, only to learn that having every gun in the city pointed at you in a town like Gotham is the last thing one wants to happen.

Fans of the first film, or comic book films in general, should check this one out. And don't be put off by the two-and-a-half-hour running time; the plot is nice and thick but runs smoothly and evenly, keeping the viewer stuck in their seat. Add that to the superb acting of the entire cast (especially Ledger, who won't be forgotten any time soon for his incredible portrayal as The Joker), and you have no reason to wonder why this will be the summer's biggest blockbuster.