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Once we get things settled down, we will have detailed copyright information about all our content and contributors.

Robert Becka - Movie Reviews
Robert Becka has degrees in Film Studies and Journalism, hosted a movie review show in college and lures children into his van with promises of candy and puppies. Um... forget that last part. Eat broccoli. It's good for you.
Melissa Pierce - Interviews
[Contact Melissa Pierce]
Every person has a shadow, and Melissa Pierce is the dark form which seems attached to the most creative minds in the contemporary musical landscape. Like a sleek cat exemplifying grace, her eye for artistry and ear for nuance never fail her. Just as a surgeon knows where to apply the scalpel with the precise amount of force her probing insight is penetrating and exact.
Mannafesto - Club and Bar Reviews
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Always a shameless flirt, Manafesto is our resident whiskey sampler, bar reviewer and graphic designer.
Haakon Nelson - Movie Reviews
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Haakon likes to solve the Rubik's Cube with his feet while watching movie marathons in his parents' basement.
Alexander Lucard - Theater reviews
Alexander Lucard no longer resides in Minneapolis, but he did once and that's good enough for us. Currently dwelling in Washington D.C., Lucard is known as the "Sub-Cultural Icon" and some of the companies he has written for include White Wolf, Chaosium, WotC, Eden Studios, Hasbro, National Geographic, 411mania, Gamespot,, Beckett Publishing, Konami, Nintendo, and of course POKEMON. You can harass him at

Web Site:

Drok - Club reviews
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Drok resides in St Paul, works in the suburbs, and plays wherever the other geeks hang out. He has written for several publications and web sites, and is available as a freelance marketing writer.
Skywayman - Webmaster, "Crack Editorial Team"
[Contact Skywayman]
Skywayman spends most of his days wandering around downtown Minneapolis working on computers and such. At night, he's still working on them.
Christopher Roddy - Writer, Publisher, "Crack Editorial Team"
[Contact Christopher Roddy]
Christopher digs strong booze and even stronger women. His first love has always been music however and his enormous collection required him to become a skilled laborer with a salary sufficient enough to support his liquor and CD habit as well as afford an abode that can accommodate it all. He can typically be found in front of his computer and home stereo system though he occasionally makes public appearances in an effort to engage the musicians and commoners. What a haughty prick.
Jacob Wendlandt - Writer
[Contact Jacob Wendlandt]
So, who is Jacob? Some would know him as Nightraven. Others refer to him as Dancefloor. Most often he is lovingly addressed as ?Wait, that?s YOU?!? No one registers his mysterious comings and goings, nor is the relatively rare sighting confirmed or denied. Theorists argue that his musical tastes (much like his personality) are varied with Rock, Punk, Metal, Blues, Classical, TBM, Techno, Rave, Darkwave, Terror EBM and even Reggae being postulated though only he knows for sure. Rumor has it that he once said ?If it has a beat, I listen to it? but that is heresy. He is currently on hiatus from his Technical Writing major.