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Here we feature a list of our favorite hang-outs. Whether you're looking for a place to see great music, here a DJ spin infectious tracks or just wallow in a glass of delectable spirits, we would recommend you patronize the following institutions in the Twin Cities area. If you feel your personal favorite has been conspicuously omitted, we can have it added to list. Just contact us. Click here

Chamber at Bolt Underground

Join us every Thursday, from 9pm till 2am, for Chamber.

The Bolt Underground is deep below the Bolt, which is attached to the Eagle. Well decorated industrial bar and clean, with great sound and lighting. The owner and staff are awesome folks and are very thrilled about a goth/industrial night at their club. They have a well stocked bar and taps. The long narrow layout allows for socializing by the bar and nice sized dance floor.

Resident DJs: DV8, Fenris, K.M., and Skw33k

501 Washington Avenue S, Downtown Minneapolis, MN 55415 (Enter through the yoga studio door between the Bolt and Caribou)

$5 cover after 10pm (subject to change for special events). 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink.

For more details, and special events/guests announcements, visit our website.

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Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis [map]

Truly, Clubhouse Jaeger will now be my haunt. It's not just the music; the entire place is fantastic. The decor is not strictly uber-German, not quite metro, not too techno--but a lovely blend of all three.

The beaten tin ceiling gleams in the dim light, private booths with red velvet and dark wood sit back from the main dance floor--which is a good size for the movers and shakers, but doesn't hog the whole space. The walkway between the bar and the other tables is a wide stone floor with a gorgeous texture. A polished, dark-wood hallway leading to the back contains not only doors for the commodes, but an authentic sit-down, close-the-door antique telephone (Does it work? Who cares!)

Before the hall leads out to the patio, it opens into a smaller conversation room. On the left, chairs, couches and a relief sculpture provide a cosy watch-point for the players launching darts at boards hung on the opposite wall. A couple more steps outside reveal a wide social area bordered with orange strings of lights.

The patio is gracefully divided into several social areas. A small bonfire pit gathers chairs around it, several sizes of patio tables hold several sizes of beer glasses. Benches line the fence, to which little silver spotlights are fastened for ambiance. A tiny fountain sits in the center of a tiny garden. And a tiny detail: Blue swirls are painted all over the concrete of the patio, as if to encourage social traffic flow through the masses.

Bring as many or as few friends as you like. There are table arrangements for large or small groups and smoking-lounge chairs and squishy couches set in corners--perfect for people-watching and the people do not disappoint. I saw nerdy hipsters, shaggy twinks, chunky punks and slinky goth girls, yet I felt comfortable that I could have started a conversation with any one of them (I'm sure the whiskey helped).

The beer selection is very likable. Several standard choices and a many nice imports make for a hearty list that doesn't overburden the customer with too many decisions to make. Liquor selection is impressive. It sits in front of shelves of glasses lit with neon blues and purples. The best part: Tucked in at the end of the bar is a clean, working, hot dog rolling-machine. Normally, those things don't deserve such notice, but now it's in a bar! Wild.

Jaeger is not just a pit where you go and hope that the music makes up for the sweat-soaked barstools. It's not a dive where you endure the leers of crusty old sops just to get a pint of Whittekirke. This place has style. This place has class. This place has clean bathrooms!

Go and go now!

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629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis [map]

The Triple Rock Social Club has now been made infamous with it's very own theme, "Seeing Double at the Triple Rock". No, NOFX is no goth band, but the venue has quickly turned into a staple of the darksider nightlife. The staff is as inked up as they are friendly, a jukebox in the corner looks like any well-rounded punkers collection. Where else are you gonna see death metal and eighties pop on the same box, anyhow? The menu is very vegetarian friendly, and priced to the point where it may turn into your favorite new dinner spot. They have an excellent selection of beers on tap and...

Yeah, they have one of the best stages in town, with a great sound system. National acts come through regularly, and they also support all-ages shows. Definitely check out the two-for-one Tuesdays...

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CC club
2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis [map]

Sick of cloying dance music and watered down drinks? Need a good, dark, quiet spot to shake off a hang-over? Want to people-watch? The CC has all of these things going for it, and more. A great place to bring in groups of people, the CC also serves up some standard bar sandwiches, but done very well- personally, I think they do one of the best Reubens in town, and if you catch the right cook, a burger so bloody it can chase away the worst of hangovers. They make the drinks strong enough to get you back on your feet, too. The clientle and the staff are a wide variety of everything uptown and I do mean everything.

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Chatterbox Pub
2229 East 35th Street, Minneapolis [map]

800 Cleveland Ave S, Saint Paul [map]

The Minneapolis chatterbox is one of those neighborhood bars with so many great things about it that it pulls people from neighborhoods all over the metro. It's your cool friend's living room, decked with vintage video game consoles, comfy couches, and tables perfect for crowding with people looking for some of their renowned munchies. The menu is great bar food, and accompanies the beer selection well. Both are pretty accessible, but venture into some risky, and tasty, territories. Definitely keep an eye on the web-site, to learn about karaoke contests and DJ nights.

The second location, in St Paul, features the same menu and beer selection, along with free video games (Golden Tee addicts beware!), and is a much larger venue.

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First Avenue
701 1st Ave N, Minneapolis [map]
(612) 332-1775

CBGB, The Whiskey A Go-Go, and First Avenue. The golden triangle of American clubs, and one is in our very own down town Minneapolis. I can't tell you the number of shows I've seen here- everything from Gwar to Koto drumming to Einsterzende Neubaten to The Donnas to Chem Lab. It is the home of Prince, and walking in there you can still recognize the place where Purple Rain was made. The sound is great, you're never too far from a bar, the staff is incredibly professional, the sight lines are better than anywhere else, and the bands they book are great. Look at the stars on the walls outside the club, and I guarantee you'll see the names of bands you love. Come inside, and the you'll fall in love with the club itself.

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Gay 90s
408 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55401. (612)333-7755

Immensely fun, never a dull moment, and perfect for shocking your country cousins, Gay 90s is THE place to be. They have excellent drag shows and a bar for every taste.
Ground Zero and The Front
15 4th Street NE, Minneapolis MN 55413. (612)378-5115

Ground Zero Bondage-A-Go-Go every Saturday starting at 10 p.m. Watch Mistress Jean do what she does best, or for a small fee she will give you a hands-on demonstration. There is a $6.00 cover charge Saturdays. Until further notice, Ground Zero has announced they will no longer be open on Thursdays. On Fridays there is either DJ action, bands and/or other talented acts. The Front is a bar attached to the club with various themed nights, no cover and 2-4-1 specials until 10:30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and a full menu of fantastic food.

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Kitty Kat Club
315 14th Ave Se,Minneapolis [map]

This place is a like some weird club from a half-remembered dream. It sprawls and twists and turns, creating separate areas through ambience and decoration more than discrete architecture. Big, plush couches, a great porch, and some wickedly good eats from the Loring Pasta bar make this a one-stop club. A warning to heavy drinkers- if you have one on and go to the rest rooms, be sure to wind out a piece of string behind you so you can find the way back to your table.Check their calendar for the live music schedule- they have a very eclectic stage, so it's generally worth seeing who's playing there.

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Muddy Pig
162 Dale St N, St Paul [map]
(651) 254-1030

A City Pages reader's favorite, there's nothing particularly darksider or gothy about this St Paul neighborhood pub, at least at first glance. Take a wander through though, and you'll realize what I did- that there are a whole lot of big black boots underneath those tables, the Misfits are playing on the stereo, and that the clientele (hipsters though they may seem) are usually talking about the three things that matter most in life; music, food, and books.

The Pig itself is set up as a countryside English pub- it's all hardwood and red walls, with thick carpet. Even on crowded nights, it's rare that you have to shout, and the staff is so charming that you'll wish this place was across the street from your house. Any time you like, stop on in, and buy me a drink!

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Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge (and Tiki Bar)
2519 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis [map]
(612) 788-9069

Tiki drinks so full of rum they could have passed for pirate ships 300 years ago have unfortunately kept me from being able to remember too much about this place. I remember big tables covered with grass tops. I have vague notions that the music was really, really good, and I know for a fact that the service is grand, because my receipts always have a big tip tagged onto them. I am pretty sure there is food- from those same receipts, I know that I've eaten it. And because I've done it more than once, I'm pretty sure it's good food. Really good food.

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Station 4
201 East 4th Street, St. Paul MN 55101. (651)298-1917

Formerly Ryan's then The Lab & 4th St. Station, this venue has undergone numerous name changes, but remains the same on the inside. They host such events as ElectroTank and a lot of metal.
The Saloon
830 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55403. (612)332-0835

They feature Hard Mondays, every Monday after 10 p.m. with a wide variety of gothic and industrial dance music. The DJs are friendly and take requests.
Turf Club
1601 University Ave, St Paul [map]

This is St Paul - the Guinness is cheap, the bands are loud, and the hunting-lodge lounge is a great place to chill out between sets. The Turf Club is another twin-cities venue so steeped in history that it's hard to sum up in a few paragraphs. To say that everyone has played there hardly seems like exaggeration. One of the favorite spots of local bands, The Turf books great local shows, building up fantastic line-ups, and doesn't disappoint the crowd. It's a friendly place, right in the Midway, close to everywhere.

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