Local Bands
Local Bands

The Twin Cities has spawned great musical contributions for decades. From Bob Dylan to Husker Du to Prince to the Replacements, our area has pushed Rock music in a wide variety of directions. However, the smaller, more genre-specific acts cannot be ignored. When you're sitting in a bar or club, nursing that drink after a rough week of work, a little-known act's soothing strains or bombastic antics can contribute a much-needed dose of respite. Here we try to cast a deserving spotlight on the bands whose work we truly appreciate, regardless of their stature or status. If you would like your musical venture to be added to our list, send us a short bio and picture.
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The Bands...
Aesma Daeva
Aesma Daeva Symphonic metal, experimental classical. Early albums have an emphasis on synthesis with current albums focusing on symphonic metal.
Amdeide A unique blend of electronic music combing together the styles of EBM, electro, tekno + industrial with tastefully mixed guitars, male vocals, and various elements of techpop, futurepop, tech-house, and punk. Amdeide is Brian Terhark, joined by Jonh Lecher on guitar and AcS on synth for live performances.

More at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/amdeide
Apraxia Originally from Detroit, Apraxia moved to the Twin Cities in 2001. Apraxia explores many different genres including Industrial, Electro, Future-Pop, New Wave, and even cinematic music. Think heavy beats, glitchy bleeps, fat synths with intelligible male vocals.
Apocalypse Theatre
Apocalypse Theatre They are known in the underground as a hybrid of gutter gothic industrial dance rock with a twist of punk & metal. Outside the parameters of any one scene, but always dark and filled with both moments of haunting midnight dreary and heavy guitar driven assaults, they have left impressions on both US coasts, in the Heartland, and on the Internet. Apox has played over 300 shows in the last 6-7 years and in 45 of the United States.
Autonomy is a goth-rock trio that attempts to redefine modern darksider rock, a dark edged sound with a unique approach delivered with a fullness of sound, with muscle and finesse on a scale not found in your typical rock and roll trio.
Autumn They've played with the likes of Faith and the Muse, Lycia, Switchblade Symphony, and The Wake. Autumn's prolific history clearly shows them as a force to be reckoned with.
Avenpitch Avenpitch is a band caught between the garage and computer lab, high-tech yet trashy, like a PC plugged into a Marshall half-stack.
Bella Koshka
Bella Koshka A dusty violin and the diary of a girl. A tale of two dreamers and their stories lost in time. Bella Koshka formed in Minneapolis, MN in Autumn of 2006 when violinist Hilary Davis and vocalist Laura Boland began composing organic and electronic melodies. In winter of 2007, the pair collaborated with Minneapolis producer Darren Jackson [The Hopefuls and Kid Dakota] on their debut album, \"Slow Dancing on the Ocean Floor.\" Scheduled to be released early 2008, the album is a unique collection of dreamy melancholic lullabies featuring emotionally rich vocals layered with haunting violin arrangements and electronic textures. The duo recruited musicians Matte Franklin [drums], Matt Vannelli [guitar] and Tim Ritter [bass] to join Bella Koshka and inflict a dynamic intensity to their symphonic-electronic fusion.
Black Flood Diesel
Classic Nu-Metal with a very heavy and dark edge to them. On the verge of major labal stardom and well deserving of that honor.
The Bloody Turncoats
The Bloody Turncoats At first listen, The Bloody Turncoats may provoke an imagining of knockabout crowds, fisticuffs, and riotous glee. The Bloody Turncoats began as a concoction of differing styles nearly 7 years ago. Over time, their congregation of influences become what can be best described as a punk-a-billyjazzfolkgrassrock style. Energetic, manic, crazy, insane, and blessed with a loud, obnoxiously powerful live show The Bloody Turncoats will make your mother smile.
Envy is Blind
Envy is Blind Proving that dance music doesn't mean unintelligent music, Envy is Blind brings multiple layers of thought and composition to a new generation of music fans. Specializing in beat-oriented compositions featuring dark and intense vocal textures, EiB has shown itself to be one of the most promising new acts in the electro-industrial genre.

Envy is Blind has performed extensively throughout the Twin Cities and beyond, integrating lightshows and video aesthetics into their concerts while maintaining a cutting-edge and unique sound.

Formed in 1999, Envy is Blind is Mike Poggenburg and Nemo Gannon.
Filthy Divine
Filthy Divine is an all-original Minneapolis-based band with elements of 70's rock, punk and pop. Along with a lil' funky edge they make for a high energy, outta your seat kinda show.
Gotterdammerung (no web site available)
Tim Sexton's Vagnerian Prog-Rock band, focusing on violent imagery and massive classic synthesis which had been put on indefinite hold due to Tim's fight with death, in which he triumped. As of Oct. 27th, 2003, Tim is in the process of regrouping and reforming Gotterdammerung with plans for returning to the stage in the near future.
Heliosphere Heliosphere was established as a solo project by William Bates in 2001 and was then joined by Andrew Davies in 2003. With 4 releases under their belt, Heliosphere has gained a solid following with their breathtaking style - switching from hard, futuristic industrial techno to pummeling dancefloor trance and melodic uptempo electro. This Minneapolis-based group continues to eveolve and grow while still combining aggressive beats and club worthy synths to provide an always impressive, razor-sharp live performance.
High Blue Star
With influences ranging from Skinny Puppy, Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack and Brian Eno, High Blue Star weaves a seamless juxtaposition of industrial and ethereal. Brooding and mystical, they create a musical paradox that is both subversive and enchanting.
Impaler is probably the most well known darksider band in the Twin Cities, and for twenty years Bill Lindsey and company have been tearing up the stage with their horror-show Halloween bloodbaths; however, their most infamous act had them starring in Tipper Gore's P.M.R.C.'s Morality Crusade as the main focus of the degeneration of our nation's youth. And if you've never seen an Impaler show then you, my friend, ain't no darksider!
Janis Figure
Dark and aggressive rock and roll! A combo of vintage "'50s guitar tone and Elvis-esque crooning; Jim Morrison inspired slither; '77 zeal and speed; '80s post punk artiness" -The OC Weekly (from their site)
Kontrol Panel
KP is Jean-Marie Chapdelaine, vocals; Gerard-Jean Boissy, Guitar, electronics and programming; and Matte Black on drums. Minimalist synth, maximum guitar, magnificent singing and mechanical beats combine together for your shoe-gazing or shuffling pleasure.
Little Tin Box (Electronic/New Wave)
Little Tin Box (Electronic/New Wave) Back in early October of 2000, as the seasons began to change, the leaves began to fall and the sky began to brew into a misty blanket of winter, Kelly found herself at the intersection of "life is over" and "whole new path". It was at this time that she had the honor of serendipitously running in to Charles. He needed a vocalist. She needed artistic fulfillment. Over coffee, conversation and collaboration Little Tin Box was formed.

Since its inception, they have gone on to record two albums. They continue to write and plan out their third album, to be released some time in 2007.

Mach FoX
Mach FoX A dangerous slab of dark, dancey electro. The songs are a focused and deliberate attempt to draw you to the dance floor, while the live show brings the aesthetics of a low budget Sci-Fi film and more fog and lights than a Sisters of Mercy concert.
The Night
The genius mastermind of a preacher's daughter and a young man who's name only sounds biblical come together to create The Night..
OBCT Charting the middle ground between vicious noise and delicate melodies, The Obese create an industrial-punk sound that bridges their song writing and a deep seeded desire to hack, edit and splice anything that creates a waveform. Be it their frantic, unyielding, air-tight delivery or their handcrafted measurements of toxic, mind-altering distortions and tragically contrasted harmonies, they are hitting on something long forgotten for the majority of their listeners.
Revolver Modele
Heavily inspired by the early Joy Division, Revolver Modele is definitely a local music scene darling, featured in City Pages and winner of Best New Bands in Mpls/St. Paul Magazine!
Savage Aural Hotbed
Savage Aural Hotbed Savage Aural Hotbed uses conventional and "found object" percussion instruments, electric bass, electronically modified vocals, and power-tools to get their unique sound. With up to four people drumming, they provide visual, as well as aural, excitement with their high energy rhythms, flailing arms, and flying sparks. They define themselves as "four people who can't seem to use containers, auto parts or power tools in the intended manner."
Stellar Vector (Electronica/Rock)
Stellar Vector (Electronica/Rock) There is a band of five men called Stellar Vector working hard in Minneapolis, MN. They have spent many nights in their lab re-tooling progressive rock for the 21st century, drawing on the memes and dialects of Rush, Radiohead, David Bowie and Genesis, infusing these greats with the traditions of industrial, electronica, indie and punk. They feel they have resuscitated a genre that was initially left for dead among the shadow of Alternative Rock.

Some time ago, Stellar Vector decided to flip the switch on their creation. The result is a polished performance that tugs at the heartstrings (among a few other organs). Vocalist Charles Sadler deftly weaves stories and poetry with a healthy dose of Shakespearian fatality. Guitarists Daniel Auger and Jonathan Ford assemble a deeply textured soundscape. Bassist Andy McClure and drummer Mark Haider grind passion into rhythms. On any given evening, the audience witnesses the full gamut of emotions, in addition to the occasional technocide*.

Stellar Vector plans to release an EP in the spring called "You're Not Included.". It was Produced by EV Olcott (12 Rods, Halloween Alaska and DotDotDot) in cooperation with Jonathan Ford at Integral Studios.

*Stellar Vector to date has destroyed six laptop computers, without apology.

Thira is about change and passion, born in early 2008 out of a chance classroom meeting between two musicians from different parts of the country. They discovered a shared love of industrial music and crushing metal. Formed from this love, Thira cannot be stopped. Arko (percussion, samples) had recently moved from Illinois to St. Paul to attend McNally Smith and Pif (guitars, samples) had just finished a four year tenure in the Louisiana based metal band Echelon, coming to the cities for a new beginning. On faith,—the two had never played together,—they signed a lease on a rehearsal space and Thira was a reality. Dozens of song ideas and several auditions later, enter Clover. A Minnesota native who was working his way through the scene after cutting his teeth on local projects. By chance, Clover met Arko while tracking his group in Thira’s rehearsal space. A few weeks later after his group dropped their EP, a disagreement left Clover without a band and discouraged. Unsure of what was next, he put his head down and kept on. A month later while playing at a party, a mutual friend suggested that he audition for Pif and Arko. Not long after, Clover was hired.

Never stopping, even with set backs and lineup changes, the three pressed on always focused on the end goal. Balancing pre-production efforts, networking and business planning, they continued the search for the missing pieces, never allowing themselves to stop moving forward.

Thira closed a vital gap with Kayden (lead vocals), a transplant from Michigan. Frustrated with the attitude and lack of drive in most local bands he encountered, Thira was exactly what he was looking for. With his addition the pace quickened.

Thira crossed paths with Coz (bass) through a chance online encouter. Originally from North Dakota, Coz came to the Twin Cities chasing something bigger. He had been searching for something that would fit him and somewhere he belonged. This is that place.

Thira is now 5 committed persons working as one towards a common goal. 5 different individuals, tied together by a shared passion to create and to pursue what they believe in. Everyday is a step closer for Thira. Will you take the journey with us?

Thosquanta "... the name thosquanta has a somewhat vague meaning. The name is a made-up word. Most literally, it would mean 'those values.' thosquanta is desire and it is ability." thosquanta: dark and aggressive EBM with a rock and roll attitude!
Thought Thieves
Thought Thieves New to the Twin Cities scene in 2008, Thought Thieves combine a "retro electro" sound of the late 80's with a modern style inspired by bands like Hot Chip, The Faint and Fischerspooner. However, they do not shy away from their darker rock roots, especially when playing live.
What's That? (a Radiohead Project)
What's That? (a Radiohead Project)

Radiohead may be one of the most intensely loved, listened-to and studied groups in recent rock history. To find groups that rival the attention they command, one would have to go back in time to the Big Five: the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

People who love Radiohead seem to really love Radiohead, describing their music as so ambitious, so honest, so open, so touching, so raw, so moving.*

What's That? (a Radiohead Project) enthusiastically agrees. Drawing from the emotional connection shared among fans, the group brings Radiohead's music to life in their live performances. Embracing the experimental nature of Radiohead's music, the 6-piece group combines improvisation with unique arrangements of Radiohead's most challenging and popular material, while taking care to remain true to the music's originality.

Since September 2008,"What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" has been generating a buzz around Minneapolis, where Radiohead has not performed in more than a decade. Musical Director and keyboardist, Marc Z., says he formed the group out of a desire to bring Radiohead's music to the Twin Cities. "When I saw that Lollapalooza ['08] in Chicago was as close as they were coming, I knew there would be scores of fans in Minneapolis hungry for a live show," Marc says. "I don't know of any other groups in town who are playing Radiohead, so it seemed like the right time to go for it."

Members of "What's That? (a Radiohead Project)" were recruited entirely through an ad placed on Craigslist. "Quite a few people wanted to audition," Marc says. "When I pointed them towards the most challenging Radiohead songs and asked, 'Can you play this?' a lot of them stopped returning my e-mails. But luckily, the ones who stuck with it are the ones in the group today."

The group's current set list includes more than 30 of Radiohead's most innovative and popular material, including songs from the multi-platinum album, OK Computer, to its equally successful follow-up, the experimental Kid A, to this year's name-your-price download, In Rainbows. Additional information, including pictures, audio and video, are available on the group's homepage, located at www.radioheadproject.com.

* From "This Isn't Happening: Radiohead and the Casualties of the Culture Wars," Sean T. Collins. Published June 4, 2003 at www.alltooflat.com. Used by permission.