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What is DarkTwinCities.com?

DarkTwinCities is a site run by the community, for the community. Her e you'll find everything you need as you make your way through Minneapolis, Saint Paul and all surrounding areas. We supp ort dark, underground proclivities and musical interests, including, but not limited to, Goth, Punk, Electronic, EBM, Syn th Pop, Industrial, Ambient, Ethereal, Metal and more.

DarkTwinCities.com is a work in progress and, as time progresses, the site will grow in both the way it looks and the services it offers. We would appreciate your help in making this venture a success.

If you would like to volunteer any of your services or make valuable and constructive suggestions to aid us you can contact us by clicking here.

Sign up for the message board and share your thoughts and ideas. Got hling users, your accounts are still there, but you will notice a lot of changes. Join us in this exciting new era. We wo uldn't be here without you and your continued support.